Welcome to the Business Travelist

I remember my first business trip like if it was yesterday. Flying out as a journalist to Boston, Massachusetts, on my own, two months into my job. I remember being so thrilled, I even Googled – being based in the UK – for other “Bostons” because I couldn’t believe I was about the cross the great pond. And in case you’re asking, yes, there is a town named Boston in the UK, but no, it was definitely not the one I was going to be en route to.

That trip in 2015 was an adventure from beginning to end. From being my first long haul flight, to being the first time I was travelling alone, to debuting my footsteps on American soil, to attending a large-scale conference, to carrying out an interview with eight people listening in… and to a lot of things going wrong which today make me laugh. But more on all that in a future post…

Just like that, I had developed a new passion until then unknown to me: travel. Especially business travel. Since then, I have spent nearly 500 days on the road – until the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March 2020 -, and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

And because every dream starts from passion, Business Travelist is not different. Travelling is one of the most enjoyable experiences we can endure. Meeting new people, new places, new cultures. Experiencing new food, enjoying the surroundings, the list goes on.

Business travel, as the name indicates, is business focused, but just because it is ‘work’, it does not necessarily mean it needs to be boring as most would label it.

Through this blog, I will be covering some key stories for the sector, but mostly, bring you stories from trips, ideas and tricks to make your voyage more enjoyable as well as lots of partner content, reviews and surprises…

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Safe travels!


Business Travelist