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Hi! I’m João and I’m a Portuguese-born London-based journalist who regularly travels for business covering one of the most exciting B2B verticals: ICT infrastructure. In other words, I cover the industry that keeps your internet and all of your digital life online.

The first time I ever travelled abroad for a business trip was in May 2015, and I head to the beautiful city of Boston, in Massachusetts, USA. That was also my first trip out of Europe and the longest flight I had ever taken (just over five hours, which compares to less than half of the nearly 14-hour flight to Tokyo in 2018).

I truly love traveling, and believe it or not, business traveling is a great thing – even though many will say it can become too much, I just keep going.

In that first trip in 2015 and until the Covid-19 pandemic, I boarded well north of 100 flights and a dozen more trains that have taken me to more than 30 countries and over 150 different cities, towns and business destinations.

I’ve met thousands of people, conducted business, got all the scoops – journalism expression for exclusive stories, – made friends.

This is what led me to launch Business Travelist. A blog that is just a mirror of my passion for travelling with the goal to conduct business.

A bit more of background on myself though, as mentioned, I was born in Portugal, in Lisbon. I moved to the UK in 2011 in the pursue of studying skyscraper architecture, however, in a twist of faith – and change of heart – I changed my mind and decided to apply for journalism instead, just less than a month before university was due to start.

Well, that swift move has paid off and I have had some incredible opportunities over the years working as a journalist.


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